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Da hook Flash Arts

2008-03-28 11:54:55 by mezus0

Maybe you know GozesG from grumble&grump or Hitman.
well I have joyfull news: He,some others guys ( broodtrommel, Brombeer) and me are starting a new site: Da hook flash arts (no questions about the name plz... it's something personal...) This means that D.Studios! will no longer excist. (don't be afraid, It will come back under the name Da hook flash arts)
it will not completely vanish because I will also work on movies of my own with the smiling D.Studios!
logo ;D.

we are looking for some guys with good ideas or flash movies and we ask them to post them.
although the site still doesn't excist it will be realized soon.

Geetz Mezus0

Da hook Flash Arts


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