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what about LOD?

2008-04-16 12:02:34 by mezus0

as you maybe have seen on NG, im working on a game called Labiritnh of Dawn (or LOD for short.)
you've may have played the demo wich brings you to a certain point and than it just says: End of demo.
now you may think: well.... where is the rest?
actually im still working on it...but not that hard. currently im busy with a flash called Hotel-manager.
some shorts about working in a hotel and i'm trying to get the site ''Da Hook flash arts'' up(see previous post)
I just want you all to know that it takes a little longer to finish LOD.
Im not like kittycrew who likes to finish everything off in one day.

well that was all folks!! be sure to play the crazy maze 1&2, LOD. :D


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