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Glitches cheats and other nonsense.........

2008-03-22 07:10:47 by mezus0

i know that my game called ''the crazy maze game'' has an glitch in it, juust click the eyes 3 times on the right spot and the game goes really fast.........
I know that I should probally fix it ( insert gotoAndStop instead of gotoAndPlay) but I just don't do it, I don't know why but I think I'm just lazy.

P.S. I'm working on a new maze game. I know what you're thinking....''Yes the crazy maze game 3!!!, the most easy game I've ever played!!!'' but no...=.=
I'm acctually working on a game called "labirinth of dawn" a scary point and click game that has more levels, more corridors, a storyline ( WTF??? :O) and some puzzles.
so when you see it on NG just click and play it, because it's gonna be awesome. :)


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