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Yup its is true what you've heard, a brand new Samtaro is on its way :D i dont tell you the story yet but i can tell you, (it is a movie you've seen earlier.) dont tell anyone :P

Back from Spain.

2008-09-16 13:15:29 by mezus0

Whats this? no games or animations? WTF! he promised us games and animations!!!!
ok, i will let u see my schedule for the day: Sleep-School-Homework-Flash(like half an hour)-Sleep
yea rlly, im afraid we have to wait till october or something.

but no worries ^^ i will make some more soon.
Gz Mezus0

Ola from Spain

2008-07-11 15:51:28 by mezus0

Well you may think right now: that silly old bastard isnt making games or animations at all! :C.
but i can tell you otherwise, currently im in Spain for holidays and all this extra time makes it possible to continue my work. currently im working with 1: LOD 2: communism rising (yeah it is better than the first 1, in fact it is an remake) and 3: im busy discovering the effects and stuff.
but i just want you to let u guys know that im still here.

"The Animator of Tomorrow here Today!!!!!"

(and ppl; Enjoy Your holidays as well)

;D Mezus0

what about LOD?

2008-04-16 12:02:34 by mezus0

as you maybe have seen on NG, im working on a game called Labiritnh of Dawn (or LOD for short.)
you've may have played the demo wich brings you to a certain point and than it just says: End of demo.
now you may think: well.... where is the rest?
actually im still working on it...but not that hard. currently im busy with a flash called Hotel-manager.
some shorts about working in a hotel and i'm trying to get the site ''Da Hook flash arts'' up(see previous post)
I just want you all to know that it takes a little longer to finish LOD.
Im not like kittycrew who likes to finish everything off in one day.

well that was all folks!! be sure to play the crazy maze 1&2, LOD. :D

Da hook Flash Arts

2008-03-28 11:54:55 by mezus0

Maybe you know GozesG from grumble&grump or Hitman.
well I have joyfull news: He,some others guys ( broodtrommel, Brombeer) and me are starting a new site: Da hook flash arts (no questions about the name plz... it's something personal...) This means that D.Studios! will no longer excist. (don't be afraid, It will come back under the name Da hook flash arts)
it will not completely vanish because I will also work on movies of my own with the smiling D.Studios!
logo ;D.

we are looking for some guys with good ideas or flash movies and we ask them to post them.
although the site still doesn't excist it will be realized soon.

Geetz Mezus0

Da hook Flash Arts

i know that my game called ''the crazy maze game'' has an glitch in it, juust click the eyes 3 times on the right spot and the game goes really fast.........
I know that I should probally fix it ( insert gotoAndStop instead of gotoAndPlay) but I just don't do it, I don't know why but I think I'm just lazy.

P.S. I'm working on a new maze game. I know what you're thinking....''Yes the crazy maze game 3!!!, the most easy game I've ever played!!!'' but no...=.=
I'm acctually working on a game called "labirinth of dawn" a scary point and click game that has more levels, more corridors, a storyline ( WTF??? :O) and some puzzles.
so when you see it on NG just click and play it, because it's gonna be awesome. :)